"A poet to watch and enjoy through the stages of a maturity that holds great promise." - Publishers Weekly

"Beautiful! Almost every poem is a magnificent clash of words...he's conjured up some of the richest poems this reader has read in a long time...Codrestcu is one of our most powerful younger poets." - Library Journal

"Codrescu's poems excite me as almost no others being written today. With the vantage point of a foreigner Codrescu sees clearer into the soul of Ameria than any other poet I know." - Michael Rumfelt - Phoebe, The George Mason Review

While helping to build this site and groaning under the weight of the past, the past showed up in the form of a couple of yellowing clippings sent by a friend from the bottom of time (the 170s). With thanks to Dan Bucsescu, here are the yellowed fleurs of yesteryear: