Dali Museum Exhibit: a year of weekly postcards

The Dali Museum St Petersburg, FL

One postcard from the Dali Museum exhibit of 52 weekly postcards sent by Andrei Codrescu in 2010.  to the Dali Museum from wherever his travels took him. Text and images were created spontaneously seconds before mailing.The text,  "Scandal of Genius: How Salvador Dali Smuggled Baudelaire into the Science Fair" was published by the Dali Museum from a lecture Codrescu gave in 2004.

A look at the very limited-time exhibition "Andrei Codrescu: Avida Dollars." Helen Wallace (soon to be 'Poet Laureate of St. Petersburg') leads a conversation with Mr. Codrescu about recent projects & poetry. This exhibition, "Andrei Codrescu: Avida Dollars," is part of The Dali's collaboration with USFSP in conjunction with Codrescu's USFSP lecture "Avida Dollars - Art is the New Currency."