Road Scholar

Road Scholar Produced and directed by Roger Weisberg; written by Andrei Codrescu; director of photography, Jean de Segonzac; edited by Alan Miller; music by North Forty Music/Wave Band Sound; released by Samuel Goldwyn; 1993

You might recognize Andrei Codrescu's voice from his insightful commentaries on NPR, but Codrescu has also brought his unique perspective on American culture to the silver screen, via the movie Road Scholar.

Reviews of Road Scholar

"Mr. Codrescu is the sort of writer who feels obliged to satirize and interplay with reality and not just catalogue's a measure of talent..." - Francis X. Clines, The New York Times Book Review

"Codrescu is a wordsmith par excellence...a modern day DeTocqueville...a wry and whimsical, pungently idiosyncratic documentary." - Joe Leydon, The Los Angeles Times

"Codrescu's distinctive perspective makes the trip worth taking." - Variety

"Funny, exceptionally moving search for Whitman's America." - The Village Voice

"Codrescu is among the most astute contemporary observers of what William Carlos Williams called 'the American grain,' while simultaneously joining playwright Eugene Ionesco as one of Romania's great rememberers of dictatorial things past." - Houston Chronicle

"Mr. Codrescu, with the deadpan burlesque of a jaded outsider, rightfully assumes his place among the keener chroniclers of the American spirit, 1990s style. On film as on the radio, his work is defined by the tensions at play between humor and sentiment, between one-liners and aphorism, and between immigrant optimism and dissident cynicism." - The New York Times

The Posthuman Dada Guide is an impractical handbook for practical living in our posthuman world--all by way of examining the imagined 1916 chess game between Tristan Tzara, the daddy of Dada, and V. I. Lenin, the daddy of communism. This epic game at Zurich's Café de la Terrasse--a battle between radical visions of art and ideological revolution--lasted for a century and may still be going on, although communism appears dead and Dada stronger than ever.

Documenting Dada/Disseminating Dada: Q&A with Andrei Codrescu - February 18, 2017

University of Iowa Libraries and International Writing Program


Andrei Codrescu - UHV/ABR Reading Series - Part 1

University of Houston-Victoria, 2007


Christopher Hitchens and Andrei Codrescu: After the Romanian Revolution of 1989

Andrei Codrescu, Romanian exile poet and frequent contributor to NPR's popular radio program "All Things Considered" speaks in Chicago with journalist Christopher Hitchens about the betrayal of Romania's December 1989 Revolution. 1991


Alec Soth with Andrei Codrescu

Walker Art Center, 2010

Photographer Alec Soths lyric documentation of life along the Mississippi leaves his audience feeling as though they have just paged through a strange yet beautiful dream. Of the book Sleeping by the Mississippi, writer/NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu says, [He has] the decency (or affection) to disturb none of his subjects, through he disturbed me, a viewer, plenty. From their respective posts at either end of the waterway, Minneapolis-based Soth and New Orleans-based Codrescu come together for an illustrated conversation on the narratives found along the banks of the Mississippi and other stories of Americas Great River Road. The evening concludes with a presentation of Soths current pictorial investigation of Niagara Falls.