I lived for 7 years in the Ozark wilderness on the border of the Buffalo River National Park. I had/have a woodshop. The "outside" works were made on the spot with junk I found in the woods or at roadsides. The "inside" works were made in the shop when it rained or too cold to be out. I collected typewriters, old clocks, and  small machines with dials that measured things I didn't understand. Some of the "outside" works were large and meant to stay outside to see what the seasons, the bugs, the birds, rain, snow and mosses, would do to/with them. A big tree fell across the path to my cave in a storm, and I stuck two old fashioned telephones in the root, with the receivers hanging down. I sprayed one silver, the other one gold. I called the construct "off the hook," because the tree fell at the exact point where cell phone and wi-fi signal ceased. The blocked path leads to a cave with a fresh water spring where I liked to sit in the morning just before sunrise (if I got up on time) to see the light burst in. The "off the hook" piece here survived a number of storms. It  is still marking the spot. The tree trunk became home to various varmint, bugs, moss, caterpillars, and reptiles, an apartment building for creatures. The mechanical junk I inserted in dead roots and other natural nooks, will stay there until the earth and plants swallows them. 




In front of the "Art Shack" where found things and tools wait for insertion in dead trees and hollows in limestone or cert.

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