Contribution – MAINTENANT 12: a journal of contemporary dada writing & art
to Jul 7

Contribution – MAINTENANT 12: a journal of contemporary dada writing & art

Three Rooms Press’ ongoing MAINTENANT contemporary dada journal series.

We all like  “We Are All A ‘Like.'”  Socially speaking, “like” has reacted to events, people, images.  How this judgement of compulsory positivism is turning all of us into liars is a new disease that we are adding to the DSM. 

MAINTENANT 12 features provocative cover art by artist Nicole Eisenman, and the work of nearly 200 artists and writers from six continents.

Peter Carlaftes & Kat Georges – editors

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Public Talk: The Future is a Vampire
6:00 PM18:00

Public Talk: The Future is a Vampire

  • Washington and Lee University; Northern Auditorium (map)
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Washington and Lee University, Lexington Virginia

What is a crossroads in history? Are literary genres signposts at these crossroads? What does the future require of the past? We will explore these questions in the context of literature in the age of rapidly evolving artificial intelligence. The future is here, using the resources of our language and bodies to increase its velocity. THE FUTURE IS A VAMPIRE.

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Dia:Chelsea Readings in Contemporary Poetry - Andrei Codrescu & David Henderson
6:30 PM18:30

Dia:Chelsea Readings in Contemporary Poetry - Andrei Codrescu & David Henderson

Dia Art Foundation's Readings in Contemporary Poetry with Andrei Codrescu and David Henderson, series presented by Vincent Katz

This event was rescheduled from December 5, 2017

Dia:Chelsea  535 W 22nd St, New York, NY 10011  (212) 989-5566

Free for Dia members

$10 general admission; $6 admission for students and seniors

Advanced ticket purchases are recommended. Tickets are also available at the door, subject to availability

Major support for Readings in Contemporary Poetry provided by Lévy Gorvy. Additional support provided by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Beverages compliments of Brooklyn Brewery. Media Sponsor: The Brooklyn Rail. 

The Readings in Contemporary Poetry series is part of the Sackler Institute at Dia Art Foundation.

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The Poetry Project Annual New Year's Day Marathon Reading
to Jan 1

The Poetry Project Annual New Year's Day Marathon Reading

  • St Marks Church In-The-Bowery (map)
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"... untamed gathering of over 140 poets together revealing ... an avenging engine of resistance and eager vehicle of the nascent year. The Marathon measures its success through insurrectionist reframings of the universe ... [&] also helps fund as many as 85 additional events every year — not to mention The Poetry Project NewsletterThe Recluse and legendary workshops."

Check back for approximate reading time. Andrei will likely read between 8-11:30p

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2:00 PM14:00


  • Center for Experimental Humanities (map)
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Symposium & Exhibition - Revolutionary Poetry & the Militant Left at NYU's Center for Experimental Humanities

In conjunction with the exhibition at Fortnight Institute, New York University will host a one-day symposium considering poetry, revolution, and left-wing militancy in America during the late 1960s and in our own time. The event will take place from 2 until 6 pm on Friday November 17th, 2017, followed by an evening of readings, debate, and reflection at the gallery. Confirmed participants include poet, novelist and NPR commentator Andrei Codrescu, communications strategist and activist David Fenton, Nuyorican poet Jesús Papoleto Melendez, artist and Black Mask / Up Against the Wall Motherfucker founder Ben Morea, Detroit-born American painter Ellen Phelan, documentary filmmaker Matt Peterson, photographer and White Panther Party member Leni Sinclair, NYU Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis and History Thomas Sugrue, with others to be announced.

Gallery Events after the symposium: 60 East 4th St. NYC 10003

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PROSE PROS hosted by Martha King & Elinor Nauen At Sidewalk Cafe: Andrei Codrescu & Don Yorty at the Sidewalk Cafe, 6:30 PM,
6:30 PM18:30

PROSE PROS hosted by Martha King & Elinor Nauen At Sidewalk Cafe: Andrei Codrescu & Don Yorty at the Sidewalk Cafe, 6:30 PM,

Andrei Codrescu & Don Yorty

*PROSE PROS*: hosted by Martha KIng & Elinor Nauen

at the SideWalk Café: 94 Avenue A at 6th Street, NYC    212-473-737

F to Second Avenue (exit at First Avenue)

Andrei Codrescu ( writes poetry, novels, stories, essays and more. He will be reading for the first time from his latest not-yet-published novel, I Never Complained: Mother Part Two, and prose poems from no time like now: notes from the red pipe. Here is one:

From Andrei's most recent work: flat is dead

New Orleans late night zen pickup reroutes me gently above molly's where a motley crew of gutter-punks are drawing cross-legged on the tilted floor, writing with colored chalk on blackboard walls, making paper birds and rag dolls to place in uneven boxes nailed to the same walls, lying down on the hardwood floors reading. their dogs, mostly rottweilers, but also german shepherds and dachsunds, lie quietly beside their busy owners, some of them chained to tattooed arms. It's 4 am in the French Quarter. It's not flat. 

Louise Nevelson rumbles up a hill watching cows come home tired at dusk their dull bells fading. She watches them walk into their stalls below the people they keep warm at night. Their bellies are full. They watch some TV. Then in the frozen morning she hears the ice crunching under the boots of sleepy children coming to milk them. They leave with sloshing buckets of milk and walk into the warm kitchen where the fireplace is already blazing and the bacon is sizzling. The pancakes turn like Bucharest girls at a Black Sea beach, brown on one side, still white on the other. Louise is in her studio making models of cows, girls, and pancakes. The bucolic and the modern fit when they go home to their coffins. This is the past. It isn’t flat. —from flat is dead

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5:30 PM17:30

nothing is complete without architecture (new poem publication)

from new poems from new york 

"shoelace" [by Andrei Codrescu]

a real concern may turn out in a dream as “to be continued”
or make you sleep soundly for being common currency
splintering off café tables where free-lance shrinks
keep office spreading patter butter out of which “sex,”
the word, pops up at a higher or lower octave like a pigeon
pretending to ignore the fallen crumb of pizza shining nearby.
so that’s what you sound like, new york, no different than
you always sounded, though more at ease with pop-psych lingo,
and maybe less ability to tie your shoelace or another’s without talk.
In my absence you have acquired a lot of bla-blah underwear.
Newsprint and screens obscure “sex,” the thing not the word,
but what do I know? I can afford to be alone, deliciously alone,
and when I gain the street I am with others tripping over their
shoelaces to get to their café therapists where they can tie their
shoelaces together. Unless they are working for the city
with health benefits uppermost in mind. When these employees
want sex they pay for it. They wear work boots tightly laced.
Dear city, the same always, making twisted nothings and steel towers.
I spent time in america and I can feel your shoelace coming loose

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