I wrote my first book of poems, License to Carry a Gun (Big Table, 1970), when I first lived in New York City, 1967–1970. Those were troubled times and I was 21 years-old. Decades later the city has changed and the times are still troubled. These poems, 2016–2018, try to find out just how changed my dear city and how troubled my days

University of Pittsburgh Press March 2019


An avid collector of traditional Japanese tales, legends, and myths, Hearn taught literature and wrote his own tales for both Japanese and Western audiences. Japanese Tales of Lafcadio Hearn brings together twenty-eight of Hearn’s strangest and most entertaining stories in one elegant volume.

Princeton University Press July 2019


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The genius of any poetry is fragile because it does not reside in any of its analytically identifiable components. This collection of Lucian Blaga's poetry includes all his work before he was silenced by postwar censorship.

In Praise of Sleep: Selected Poems of Lucian Blaga, Translated Andrei Codrescu

Commonwealth Books/Black Widow June 2019