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 Peter Jecza: Floralis

Peter Jecza: Floralis

 Basil KIng: cards out of the deck

Basil KIng: cards out of the deck

 Black Sun PRess

Black Sun PRess

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visual notes on the constitution appears in the April issue of the Brooklyn Rail during 2018 National Poetry Month


Two Poems in Romanian by Andrei Codrescu in each issue

Revista Scrisul Românesc

Weekly literary journal founded in 1927. New series January 2003. 


Ruxandra Cesereanu Translated by Adam Sorkin and Andrei Codrescu

Tailisman: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry and Poetics 46; 2018


Did the Mute Loose Something?

Vestiges_03.  Mimesis: Reflections as an Image of Loss   January 2018

Loss is poetry's reach to living in the present joy of the extra room.

Even photography, pretend queen of mimesis, is only pixels now. 


Three Poems - Brooklyn Rail January 2017

What about humans changes like the type I type?               If I feel anything stronger than this                           Shoelace                                                                                

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Four Poems & Some Polemics - x-peri September 2016

pre-call notice to a 108th street developer                          august 4 2016 shark activity                                           Mesmerism for M, rare flower                                             on frames & fragility & squares & ovals for Ina               Letters for Enrique